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Traveling Vintage: Cancun Part 2

I’m finally back with part 2 of my Cancun vacation! Nearly every vacation we’ve gone on, we always run into the issue of wanting to see and do EVERYTHING, so by the time we get home we need a week to recover from our “vacation”. We decided this time was going to be different. We were going to take this time and actually do some relaxing. After our first day of exploring the Mayan ruins, that’s exactly what we did.

We spent the next two days lounging by the pool and walking along the beach. The first day I was so excited to wear my true vintage 1950’s Rose Marie Reid of California bathing suit. Before my trip I was searching Etsy and eBay for a vintage bathing suit when I stumbled across this one on eBay. I had to have it! Luckily, the bidding didn’t get too crazy and I was able to get it.

The best part of this amazing suit is that it is basically like a bathing suit plus girdle in one. It has such a great shape that sucks everything in. This was an added bonus since we were staying at an all-inclusive resort, and I was taking full advantage of all of the delicious food.

We spotted this beautiful gazebo about a mile down the beach from our resort and decided to take a little walk to go exploring. There was a large iguana living under the corner of the gazebo that came out to visit a few times. We also saw some large rodent-like animals that I found out were Agouti, but we called them R.O.U.S’s.

There was a little nature path next to the gazebo that we took and we saw a lot of nature! There were several iguanas, and more R.O.U.S’s. It was so green and beautiful!

As we came out of the path and there was a pool built into the ocean front so that it was filled by the waves with ocean water. This was great for someone like me who is a little bit scared to get in past my calves in the actual ocean! Next to the ocean pool we’re some rocks just barely in the ocean with waves crashing around them. I had to fulfill my Little Mermaid fantasies and sit on them for a picture.

This shot was between waves. I was worried that the water was going to come up and over my head at any moment.

Here’s an outtake of when the waves got a little too close for my comfort.

Our third and final day in Cancun we did more power lounging by the pool and we went on a little adventure. Our friends told us about an abandoned resort next door to our resort and we knew we had to check it out. They came with us and we all hiked down the beach to the resort.

There were little huts and outbuildings, carved stone statues and tikis. It was very cool and somewhat creepy.

I wore this black & white polka dot bathing suit from Pinup Girl Clothing. Despite the fact that I’ve had it for about three years, it still looks and feels brand new. It is very well made, and super comfortable.

We didn’t wander too far from the beach due to the posted signs that said “no trespassing: beware of brave dogs”. We didn’t ever make it up to the actual resort because all of a sudden we heard the “brave dogs” start to bark and we all took off running toward the beach. I’ve never run so fast in my life! Oh boy. I’m sure the couple trying to enjoy a romantic moment on the beach enjoyed us bursting out of the palm trees at top speed laughing hysterically.

The whole trip was an unforgettable experience that we were able to do thanks to my job. I am indeed grateful to work for a company that believes in taking care of its team.

The days seemed to fly by and it was over much too quickly. I could definitely get used to lounging by the pool, snacking on chips and guacamole and sipping virgin margaritas all day.

Thanks for reading about our adventure in Cancun Riviera Maya. It was an incredible trip and I would go back in a heartbeat. The resort Unico 20 87 was amazing and treated us like royalty. The food was unbelievably delicious, and I couldn’t have asked for a better companion to share it with.


2 thoughts on “Traveling Vintage: Cancun Part 2

  1. That vintage suit was totally meant to be worn by you – it’s perfection! You looked like a total bombshell on the beach! I love that you guys explored and found that abandoned resort – so creepy but so COOL!! I would have run from the dogs too hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much my friend! That suit was a super lucky find for sure. I’m so happy to have it! I wish we could’ve gone up to the actual buildings of the resort, but oh well. It was still really cool what we did see.


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