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A Day Out Thrifting

I had the day off on Saturday, so my husband and I decided to take a little day trip and do some thrifting. It’s always fun and exciting to visit new thrift stores. In honor of our excursion, I decided to put together an outfit from some vintage separates that I have thrifted recently.

I found this vintage Worthington turtleneck about a month ago. Normally, I don’t go for turtlenecks, because I don’t feel as comfortable wearing them. I have always felt like my neck is too short for them and they just don’t look quite right on me. This one was in almost new condition though, and for $1, I thought why not try it. I’m glad that I did. The only draw-back is that it doesn’t have very much stretch to the fabric, so I have to remember to put it on before I do my hair and makeup!

This skirt is also one that I almost passed up. It is a vintage Pykettes brand pleated skirt. I put one of my less-poofy crinolines under it to give it a little more fullness. On its own, I wasn’t super excited about it, but when I put it together in this outfit, I realized it is actually very cute.

This beaded cardigan is one I have had for quite a while, but I haven’t had the perfect outfit to wear it with until now! It is a beautiful Anne-Scott cashmere beaded cardigan that I found at a consignment shop. I believe I paid around $20, making it the most expensive piece of clothing in this ensemble.

My brooch is a reproduction vintage cameo that was a gift from my mother. The orange matched the skirt perfectly.

My shoes are from Bait footwear, and my purse is vintage thrifted.

We had a wonderful day discovering vintage treasures, and I came home with three new copper Jello molds, a brooch, and a lady head vase.

Even though on their own this turtleneck and skirt seemed like something I would skip over, paired together with this cardigan, they became a lovely outfit. I’m so glad I decided to give them a chance!


4 thoughts on “A Day Out Thrifting

  1. I love this turtleneck on you. I gave a vintage turtleneck a try a few months ago and was horrified, but you look lovely.

    Isn’t it the best when you’re doubting a piece of clothes and it blows you away once you pair it with the right thing? This whole outfit is adorable. I was planning on going thrifting this weekend and this outfit makes me even more excited to go!

    xo, Helene

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    1. Yay for Thrifting! Thank you so much. This is probably the first turtleneck I have worn since I was a child. I understand how you feel completely. Good luck this weekend! Sending good Thrifting vibes your way!

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