Vintage Hats: Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone 

I have been dressing in the vintage style for several years now, and I don’t ever feel self-conscious or unsure about the way I look, even though it is quite different from the “norm”. Except when it comes to wearing vintage hats. I’m not exactly sure why that is. I suppose I’m just not used to it and I need more practice. It doesn’t feel as natural to me as my usual vintage attire.

I absolutely love the look of vintage hats. I think they are so glamorous and stylish. Over the years I have been given several beautiful vintage hats and I have only just recently started wearing them.


Today Dayne and I went up the mountain to take some winter shots of several of my black vintage hats. I wanted to practice wearing the different styles of hats and take a step outside my comfort zone. This first hat is one that is definitely out of my comfort zone with a lot of ostrich feathers going every which way. The more I wore it though, the more I started to love it. This hat was made in England, and is from the brand Bemona Trend. It features black ostrich feathers and a satin bow on the back.

This next hat is one that I loved from the second I saw it, but I could never imagine myself wearing it. It is by Noreen Fashion and features super soft feathers and a velvet ribbon around it with a bow. It is hard to see the ribbon because both feathers and ribbon are black, but it is beautiful. Now that I have worn it I think it is perfect for winter! I will definitely reach for this one again.

The third hat is a very dainty one that just consists of a velvet ring and a net covered in cute velvet bows. This is one I have worn before and I love it.

The last hat I chose to feature is one that I found at a local antique store a few years ago. It is black satin with a net that has little crystals on it.

It has a very pretty shape, and I have worn it further back on my head with my hair up, or as pictured with my hair down.

To me the 1950’s style is my true authentic self, and the last thing I want is for my outfit to look like a costume. I have found that I am the most comfortable in vintage hats when I wear them to church. I think because it’s more socially acceptable to be dressed up for church as opposed to everyday life. For now I plan on continuing to wear a hat and gloves to church on Sundays, and I will also venture out and wear them for other special occasions as well.

I had so much fun on the mountain trudging through the snow today! It was really deep! At one point I sunk down to thigh level and Dayne had to pull me out. It was really cold, but really beautiful and I’m so glad we went on a little adventure in the snow.

It started to get really foggy towards the end of our shoot. Even though it was about 25 degrees Fahrenheit, it was worth it to experience the beauty of winter on the mountain.

Here is an outtake of me pouting after I sunk in the snow. I told Dayne he almost had to dive in after me with a vine like on The Princess Bride.

I am starting to learn that my confidence grows when I step outside of my comfort zone. If there is something you want to do but you are scared to try it, my advice is go for it. You just might end up finding your passion.

Thanks so much for reading!


5 thoughts on “Vintage Hats: Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone 

  1. You should wear hats all the time, they look amazing on you! But I for sure have that same problem and comfort zone; I’ve only just started to wear hats and I feel so conspicuous in them! Ah well. With time I’m sure they’ll feel more comfortable!

    Also that COAT. Gorgeous.

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    1. Thank you very much! I loved your last post with the hat. It looked wonderful on you! We will have to keep pushing through and wear them more often! The coat was a recent gift from my great aunt. I was so excited. It’s really warm too!

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