My Vintage Hairstyle Evolution

Hi friends! Since my vintage style originated with my hair, I decided to show you the how it has evolved over the past eight years to what it is today.  These hairstyles are not something I learned overnight, but in an on-going process of trial and error and a lot of practice.  If you are just starting out with vintage hairstyles, try not to get frustrated and just keep practicing!
The first vintage hairstyles I tried were more 1940’s styles with a lot of rolls and curls.

My first pinup photo shoot.  Photo credit Jeff Sanders

At this point my hair was still very long, and went about halfway down my back.  I mostly curled it with a curling iron and then made my victory rolls and pinned them in place.  This was my go-to for day to day. I wasn’t quite there with my clothing, but I would wear dresses occasionally that had a vintage feel to them.


My signature hair look evolved to a suicide roll in the front and one pin curl on each side. I would then either curl the back and leave it down, or I would put it up in a pony tail. I styled my hair this way for several years.  I continued on my journey of vintage style, and I started really loving the look of the more authentic 1950’s hairstyles.

My first “signature” look. Photo credit Jeffrey Sanders

The styles I became more attracted to were the short 1950’s sculpted hairstyles, especially the style called the Pageboy. This popular hairstyle could vary in length from quite short, to shoulder length. 

Grace Kelly often wore her hair in this style. Also, the iconic “middy” cut worn by many women of the 50’s such as Marolyn Monroe. This is the haircut I was gearing up for, but I have had long hair all my life and I was very nervous to cut it that short. 

In May 2015 I decided to take the plunge and I cut about seven inches off of my hair. I had gotten to the point where I really wanted an authentic 1950’s hairstyle. Not that there’s anything wrong with victory rolls, I had just really honed in on the 50’s as my favorite style era, and I wanted to really embrace it and live it fully. I took the diagram above in to my hair stylist, and we went all in. In August 2015 I went back and we cut another two to three inches off. 

I was inspired by the sculpted 1950’s hairstyles created by vintage hairstylist Miss Rockabilly Ruby (@missrockabillyruby), and shortly after my haircut I was able to attend one of her vintage hair styling classes in Las Vegas. This opportunity increased my vintage hair styling game ten fold. She demonstrated three different vintage styles on models in front of the class.  I arrived early and got a front row seat.  We were able to interact and ask questions as she styled the hair.  I learned about some great products for vintage style, as well as different techniques to use that would help me to get my hair into the shape I was going for.

With the proper haircut and more instruction, I finally felt like I was able to more fully style myself true to the era I so love.

Over the past year my hairstyle has evolved a bit, while still staying true to the era. I do still do a suicide roll or beehive occasionally, especially when it is getting close to hair washing day. I demonstrated the style below recently live on my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/lacifay .  It is a very quick and easy way to get a vintage look.

I typically wash my hair once or twice a week, and wetset it at night. I use foam rollers, regular and standing pin curls, and setting lotion to achieve my signature style. My favorite setting lotion to use is called Lottabody.  I bought mine on Amazon, but I believe they also sell it at Sally’s beauty.

Hair is rolled and set, secured with a hair scarf

In September 2016 I decided to make another big change with my hair.  I went from around ten years of box black dye to red!  I have always loved red hair, but I was too scared to do it myself.  Also, I have heard it is very high maintenance and I didn’t want to have to spend a lot of money in the salon every three weeks.  My sister started hair school this June and it became a much more affordable possibility, so I decided it was time to make the change.  The entire process took around eleven hours over the course of two days. I did some online research on the process of removing black box dye, and so I knew it would be a long process and that it would look scary along the way. I won’t get into the details of each step because I’m not a professional cosmetologist, but I will briefly show each step of the process.

Step 1- Uncolor
Step 2 & 3- bleach with Olaplex part 1
Last step- the Red!


I am so happy with how the red turned out.  This is a color that even a year ago I was too scared to do.  Cost was a factor, but I was also nervous about how it would look on me.  As I have started coming into my own in terms of my personal style, I have noticed a change taking place in my self confidence.  As I have become more true to myself and the style that I love, my confidence has grown.  I am not afraid of what others will think about my style because I love it so much.  This is my truth and the way I feel most beautiful, so other people’s opinions don’t hold any sway for me anymore.  My style is still changing and evolving, but I am so glad that I took the plunge eight years ago, and started practicing the vintage style that I loved seeing in the movies and in photos.

My advice to you would be to find what you love and do it.  Don’t let the fear of what other people may think hold you back!  You will then find yourself, and find your inner confidence and beauty like you never have before!


5 thoughts on “My Vintage Hairstyle Evolution

  1. Just found your instagram account. Love your photos and you are a true inspiration to me, I’ve been doing 21 day fix since May, but recently haven’t been dialing in the nutrition. Now every morning I look at your photos and tell myself I can do it. P.S. I also love to wear vintage.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Trina! Thanks so much for your sweet compliments! It’s hard, I’ve been slipping lately on my nutrition also, so I’m determined to refocus and not let myself fall back into bad habits. I always think about how much better I feel when I fuel my body with healthy clean food. It helps me stay on track. You got this lady! 😊 Being able to wear vintage dresses that didn’t fit before is also a huge motivator! Keep up the good work ❤️


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