Hello World!


Hi friends!  I decided to start a blog so that I could hopefully more fully share my passion, make new friends, and lift each other up.  What is my passion you ask?  It is vintage living in the 1950’s, and finding the confidence to live your truth.  These two things go hand in hand for me.  By finding my inner confidence or my “inner pinup”, I was able to fully embrace the vintage lifestyle that I love. I now style myself in 1950’s fashion daily, and my husband and I are working on our perfect 1950’s home.  We purchased our house (built in 1953) nearly three years ago, and we are having a blast decorating it true to the period.  I am a cat mom to three sweetheart kitties, and a human mom to one cool boy.

How and why did I start dressing/living a vintage lifestyle?

I have always been a lover of history and antiques, specifically the WWII era and the 1950’s.  I loved listening to my grandparents stories about going to dances, cruisin’, and racing in their 1957 Corvette.  To me the 1950’s seem like such a fun, shiny, and carefree time.  The fashion of the 1940’s and 1950’s is so beautiful.  I love the propriety of it.  I love the idea that fashion was a way to show respect to yourself and others.  The women are beautiful, the men are handsome.  There is an air of optimism, enthusiasm, and innovation surrounding this era.  I would stare at pictures of women in this era in awe.1950s-fashions

I love the hair, the makeup, the fashion.  The shape of the clothes is so flattering.  About eight years ago, I started experimenting with my hair.  I would try victory rolls and pin curls.  I tried to look up tutorials and how-to’s and practice, practice, practice.  Then I added in the makeup.  There seem to be a lot more tutorials out there for pinup style makeup than hair, so I studied up and tried it out.  I loved the way the hair and makeup looked, but now I found that my clothes were not quite matching.  I wore dresses often, but they were modern ones that somewhat had the look I was going for, but they weren’t  quite right.  I finally bought my first full on vintage style outfit at the Bettie Page store (now Tatyana Boutique) in Last Vegas, NV.  I bought the dress and a crinoline to wear with it.  At first I was a little bit scared to wear it.  I loved it so much, but I was scared of what other people would think.  My wonderful husband was in full support of my fashion evolution, and he encouraged me to go for it.  I wore it to church and I was in love.  Looking in the mirror, a switch flipped in my brain and I wasn’t scared anymore, I was home.  This was me!  I found my truth.  My true to myself style.  I felt beautiful and glamorous like the women in the pictures I had studied.  From there I started building my wardrobe of vintage reproduction, and true vintage clothing every chance I got.

My first vintage reproduction dress

Photo courtesy of Brenna Burrows Photography

I have purchased vintage clothing on Etsy, at thrift stores (when I get lucky), vintage reproduction stores (Tatyana, Pinup Girl Clothing, etc.), and I also have had some dresses made using vintage patterns.  I’m trying to learn to sew so that I can make my own, but that is not something that comes easy to me.  Let’s call it a work in progress.

More to come!

That is a bit about how I got started in my personal style and why.  I will share more in future posts about my home (built in 1953), as well as more on my style and developing the confidence to rock whatever look you choose.  If these are things that interest you, subscribe and stay tuned!  I’m excited to continue my vintage journey with you!



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